Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday Pictures

Monday we went to...yup you guessed it Grandma and Papa's pool! What can I say it's been hot and sunny and Cole happened to get Monday off unexpectedly so to the pool we went!

Grace hugging her Daddy!
Grace fell asleep on me in the yard swing.

My neck started to cramp so I laid her down next to me and she continued to sleep!

After we left the pool we headed to Cole's Auntie Carol's house for dinner. Carol lives across the street from the park, so everyone walked over to see Grace on the swing.

Grace's scrunchy face!

Cole's cousin Craig decided to join Grace.

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Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Hey Kristen ... Sorry we've been slackers in visiting but I did go back and see all your photos and videos ... I can NOT believe Grace mastered those stairs already! And I just love her kissing her baby doll! She is just growing up way too fast!! One year will be here before you know it ... She is as beautiful as can be and I love looking at all the photos you take of her ... I swear I am going to send you pictures of my girls with some mula and have you work your magic on them since I am so untalented when it comes to photo editting!

I hope you guys are enjoying your new house and that your week is wonderful!

Hugs from MN!