Monday, March 8, 2010

6 Weeks

Pregnancy: 6 weeks

Weight Gain: ?? Still no idea. I have been going to the gym and having to stop in the middle of my workouts to get sick, because....morning sickness is in full swing!

Sleep: I got a new pillow and have been sleeping much better.

Gender: Still don't know, but still thinking girl.

Name: Girl: Emily Katherine, but we'll call her Emma and Boy: Coleman Carter, but we'll call him Carter.

Feeling: AWFUL! Morning sickness is kicking my butt! I forgot just how awful it is to feel nauseous ALL day long. I now eat, throw it up, eat, throw it's a vicous cycle. Yesterday alone I got sick 5 times, and dry heavied a million. In fact before I went into the gym yesterday I was in the parking lot dry heaving in the bushes. I can only imagine what people must think! Saturday after only 15 minutes on the treadmill I had to jump off and run to the bathroom to get sick. I can only imagine that people think I'm such a baby if I get sick after only 15 minutes on the treadmill, I want to be like "I'm pregnant not a baby, I swear!" On a good note I did manage to swim 27 laps (54 lengths) yesterday without having to get out and get sick, which I was very excited about! I have found that eating something sour (like sour tic tacs) or bitter (like salt & vinegar chips) will help cut the nausea a little. So while in the car I keep eating tic tacs to hold off the vomit until I can find a bathroom.

Health: Okay, I'm still taking antibiotics for my bladder infection, although I won't really be shocked if it's not cleared up my the time we go back to the doctor's because I usually throw up at least a dose or two a day.

Movement: Still way too early, although I do look forward to this very much!

Belly: Nothing yet, aside from some serious bloat. I look forward to this as well. I'm hoping I'll "pop" a lot earlier this time then I did with Grace.

Next Appointment: Monday, March 15...only 1 more week.

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