Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Back in January I was convinced that Grace would breastfeed until she was 5. Grace was sleeping with me every night and nursing all night long. She would take naps on me, on the boob. Grace would only sleep with the boobie. So when I got the stomach bug in January, I had to stop sleeping with her and Cole took over. Well that was the end of sleeping with me on the boob at night. One step down!

Then last week I decided to conquer the nap problem. I got her a little nap mat at Ikea and introduced a bottle with soy milk (I know we work backwards.) Grace now naps on a bed without me and without the boobie. Yay! Two steps down.
Grace on her nap mat.
We were down to one feeding and it was the morning feed. So this week I decided to conquer the morning feeds. It has now been 48 hours and Grace has not breastfed once and she hasn't even cried for it. Yay! Three steps down! I think we may actually be done nursing after almost 18 months!  Yay!

Now we will have to eventually work on weaning her off the bottle, but one thing at a time.

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