Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Weeks

Pregnancy: 5 weeks

Weight Gain: ?? No idea, I haven't stepped on a scale in a few weeks, but I did start back up at the gym after a week off.

Sleep: I had been sleeping well, but last night I just could not get comfortable. I am a stomach sleeper and am so bloated, which makes sleeping on my belly uncomfortable, yet I just can't find another way to fall sleep. Guess I should figure something out soon, seeing as sleeping on my belly will only get harder over the next few months. I guess I'll be purchasing another Snoogle sometime soon.

Gender: Won't know for a long time. I imagine we'll probably find out sometime in July, which seems so far away! We definately will be finding out the gender. Right now I feel like it's a girl, but I think that's only because we have a girl.

Name: I think if it's a girl we're leaning towards Emily Katherine or Emma Kate for short. Emily was my Great Grandmother's name and Katherine was Cole's Grandmother's name (although she spelt her's with a C.) If it's a boy it will probably be Coleman Carter, but I think we'll call him Carter and not Coleman, but we're not really set in stone with the boy's name yet.

Feeling: The typical nausea everyday, still not actually throwing up a whole lot, which is nice, but with Grace the vomitting didn't start until 6 weeks, so I guess we shall see. The heartburn already is crazy. I know with Grace I had a lot in the 3rd trimester, but I don't remember having any this early with her. I've already starting eating Tums multiple times a day. I know everyone says every pregnancy is different and this one already feels different, but I don't know if the meds have anything to do with it, or if the fact that this is my 2nd pregnancy has anything to do with it.

Health:  So far so good. Although the Doctor did call today to tell me I have a bladder infection, so I'll have to pick up meds for that tonight.

Movement: Still way too early, although I do look forward to this very much!

Belly: Nothing yet, aside from some serious bloat. I look forward to this as well. I'm hoping I'll "pop" a lot earlier this time then I did with Grace. I don't think I really started looking pregnant until almost the 3rd trimester with Grace.

Next Appointment: Monday, March  15...only 2 more weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to see the heartbeat, although it still maybe a little to early.

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