Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Saturday I boiled our eggs to prep them for coloring. While they were cooling I cooked this and this to bring to Easter lunch. They both were yummy and healthy..yay! Once the eggs were ready I mixed the dye up.
I apparently stink at trying to figure out what color each tablet is going to be. Yup, I thought the orange one was going to be yellow and I thought the yellow was going to be pink...oops!
 I put each egg in a whisk so that Grace wouldn't break the eggs or get as messy, which worked great.
 That is until she grabbed one of the finished eggs and accidentally dropped it on the floor cracking it, which caused her to fall apart, and since I'm a mean mommy I video taped it!

Our finished eggs.
 After everyone went to bed the Easter bunny brought out their Easter baskets.
 and a new (or a used one that a client gave Cole)  bike for a special toddler!
We actually decided to hid Grace's bike and have her find it after she finished finding the eggs and opening her basket.
Grace checking out her Easter basket.
 It wouldn't be Easter if you didn't eat a chocolate bunny for breakfast!
 Emma didn't know what to make of all the commotion!
 Trying her first puff!
 Grace riding her new bike!
I tried to get a picture of the three of them after they were all dressed, but couldn't get them all to look at the same time.
Grace is such a goof ball!
So I tried doing the babies together, but couldn't get both to smile at the same time.
 Grace still being a goof.
 If that wasn't bad enough I tried to get a picture of me with all the kids...ha that sure did not work!
I then tried a picture Myspace style with just one kid, hey at least he's looking at the camera!
 Miss Grace
 Grace riding her new bike.
 We had Cole's mother and sister over Easter morning and then went to the Brennans' for lunch. I tried to get Grace and the boys to take a picture together, but Grace wasn't cooperating.
 All the kid headed out back and did an Easter egg hunt.
 Grace found an egg!
 Attempt at a family picture!
 Josh was the winner of  Cole's egg cracking tradition.
 After the Brennans' we went to Cole's Aunt's house where Grace did another egg hunt
All the kids were very worn out after a busy but fun day!

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