Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Weekend Pictures

Well I figured now that it's almost the weekend I should probably put up the pictures from last weekend!
Of course we went to the playground again.
 Grace mid fall but she's use to jumping off the bar at gymnastics so managed to land on her feet!
Cole's Mom met us at the park then treated us to Wendy's, have I mentioned how much I love Wendy's half Cobb yummy! Then we went to Derby St to pick up some more food at Whole Foods for the babies. All the kids were sleeping except for Emma so I ran in with Emma while Cole stayed in the car. Then me and Em hung in the car while Cole ran to Pinkberry. Emma started to get fussy so I changed her diaper in the front seat and let her hang out for a few minutes. She thought it was so fun!
Then on Sunday we had the kids' Easter pictures done with real chicks & bunnies by Nicole Chan (she's amazing!) The only problem was that I hadn't bought the kids' Easter outfits yet, so I had to scrap together outfits at the last minute. This means Grace wound up wearing a dress that was way to small (18 months!)
stained tights, and she went shoeless for the pictures because we have no Easter shoes yet either..oops!
 Emma & Carter were easier because we have lots of cute dress hand me downs.
The pictures ended up coming out so cute! Now we just have to decide which ones to order. After pictures we headed over to Tummies 2 Teens in Norwell for their grand opening. They had lots of free things, I got a free 5 minute chair massage, Grace did some crafts, Cole & Grace ate pizza, and Grace got her face painted.
She wouldn't stop touching it so it got a little smudged. After the consignment store we went to see Cole's family for a little bit then home for dinner, baths, and bed!

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