Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kisses & Dentist

I have no new pictures to share, but both Carter and Emma have learned a new trick! They both have learned to give kisses, you know those big, wet, open mouth kisses! They are the best! They will now give them when asked and they will now give them on their own, without asking. I just love it! Carter will grab your face with his little hands and pull your face to his and just a plant a big one on you. But Emma just comes right at you with her mouth open to plants it on you.

In other completely unrelated news Grace had her first dentist appointment yesterday and she did awesome! They have a little play area their which she refers to as the dentist playground. She went and played first. Cole took her back and said she sat in the chair all by herself and let them clean her teeth, and count them, and do a fluoride treatment without a fight! She did a great job and got a new toothbrush and floss which she couldn't be happier about them! 

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