Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Gracie

Grace is such a goof and lately she has said some of the silliest things:

The other day I asked her who she was going to marry, her response "umm...a pirate!" Oh man, I hope not!
I was asking Grace questions about her wedding the other night,
Me: Will you have a wedding party?
Grace: No
Me: Will you wear a white dress?
G: No, pink, purple, and green!
M: Oh, that sounds pretty. Will you have flowers?
G: No! Ballons...2 purple, a pink, and blue one. What you wear Mama?
M: Hmm, probably a black dress and black shoes.
G: No black shoes...yellow shoes!
M: Wow that sounds like the prettiest wedding ever!
We were at the mall this past weekend and went to say hi to the Easter bunny, but there was a sign up saying he was at lunch. We relayed this message to Grace and her response was "Yea, he's probably eating the eggs!" Apparently Grace is under the impression that the Easter bunny takes your eggs and eats them, not hid them!
Last night while putting Grace to bed I mentioned that Carter has to go to the doctor's tomorrow. Grace started crying and said "What's wrong with Carter?" I said "nothing the doctor is just going to look in his nose and say everything looks good!" Grace said "Carter's fine?" I said yes and she stopped crying said "ok" then rolled over to go to sleep.
We were driving in the car on Monday when Grace started yelling that she needed to poop. We pulled into McDonalds and Cole took her in to poop. Cole stayed in the stall with her and she started yelling at him to "go out Daddy!" Cole tried turning around and not looking, but she wouldn't stop yelling until he got out of the stall because she needs "pi-acy! Daddy go out need pi-acy!" Cole had to wait outside the stall until she was done.
 We asked Grace if she remembered what her first word was. She thought about it for a few minutes then said "Playground!" We both started laughing and Cole said "no, it was Lily."
I told Grace that she was going to be going to school next year and she got all excited and started jumping around saying she wanted to go now. I told her she'd go in September near her birthday, she seemed okay with that until I was taking her upstairs for her nap, she said "Mama, where'd my birf-day go?"
AT 7am on Saturday morning Grace ran over to me and said "Mama put on music, I NEED TO DANCE!" 

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