Monday, June 20, 2011

8 Months

Man, I'm so late on this post, but every time I go to write it type it I get distracted! I can't believe how much faster time is flying by this time around, in only 4 short months Emma and Carter will be ONE! They are officially not babies anymore :tears: Both babies are feeding themselves finger food, crawling, and starting to pull up on things! They both babble like crazy and say Mama, Dada, yay, and bang bang.
 Now that they are crawling they get themselves into everything!
They both love these drumsticks that Grace has and fight over them ALL the time!

Both Emma and Carter are staring to notice Lily and try to pull her ears, tail, etc. Emma will try to say Lily and Grace when you prompt her, but it doesn't come out sounding anything like Lily or Grace. Carter has been trying to say Emma, but it comes out like Mama. Carter still shows more interest in Emma then Emma does in him, but Emma is a little less snobby to him now!

Carter's 3rd tooth is starting to poke through, Emma still doesn't have any. Both babies are wearing size 3 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes. Carter and Carter are now drinking close to 32 oz of formula a day, plus eating 3 finger foods/puree meals a day.

Carter is still Mr. Personality and loves attention! Emma is becoming less of a snob, but is still more standoffish then Carter. Both babies will now fuss and cry if I pick the other one up, fun times! They both do lift their arms up to be picked up, which I love! They both clap and say yay, while doing it.

Emma's feet never stop moving, I think she'll be our dancer! If she's sitting eating she'll swing her legs, if she's on her belly she'll tap her foot on the floor. Sometimes even in her sleep you can hear her tapping her leg.

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