Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Grace, Emma, and Carter are some off the luckiest kids in the world, because they have such a wonderful Dad. Cole really is amazing, he loves his children, and always goes above and beyond for them all.So we decided we really needed to do something nice for him on Father's Day, but our budget was very small.

"Listen guys, we need to make something for Daddy, for Father's Day."
 "That's a great idea!"
 So, with a little help from moi, we traced each kids hand and framed it for Cole. I put each kids name and age on the hands.I definitely stole the idea from Pinterest, yup still obsessed with it!
 I decided to hang it in the hall way, right near Grace's Father's Day present to Cole in 2009.
 I then all gathered the kids to make this photo present for Cole. I still have to decide where we should hang it.

 And just because I was feeling silly, I messed around with the pictures! It makes me giggle like a school girl!
 After Cole opened our presents, we got dressed and went to Cole's Dad's house to have breakfast with him for Father's Day.
Who are these chunky monkeys and what did they do with my little preemies?

 After Cole's Dad's house we went to my parents house to celebrate Father's Day and my Mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!
The kids alternated between riding bikes and swimming in Grandma and Papa's pool.

 The birthday girl!
 The babies swam in the pool for a little bit and liked it even though it was cold. I have no pictures of them in the pool, well because with only 2 of us and 3 of them we are quite out numbered in the pool! After the pool the babies hung out in their diapers for a while!
 We sang Happy Birthday!
 Emma couldn't resist napping any longer and crashed with her toy still in her hand.
Happy Father's Day!

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