Monday, June 6, 2011

Capron Park Zoo

Yesterday we got everybody ready for the day, signed Grace up for swim lessons at the YMCA, then we all went to Capron Park Zoo. Our Buttonwood pass also gets us in there for free! We loved this zoo, it was cute, small, and clean!

The turtle smiling at us.
 Grace and Cole checking out the kangaroo exhibit.

 Miss Grace
 My little meercats
 Grace checking out the animals.

 Carter was excited, Emma is a little harder to impress.
 Grace's wingspan
 Grace dancing on stage
Everyone checking out the ducks
Checking out the goats. The zoo had little vending machines where you could buy handfuls of food to feed the goats, ducks,and llamas.
Slothbears, which are just so cute!
In the picnic area there were this little ride on things that Grace just loved!
Feeding the monkey rocks.
Cole and Grace

The zoo also has a super cute splash pad! Next time we'll have to remember our bathing suits.
After the zoo we stopped home to grab some food to cook on the grill and then went to Grandma and Papa's house to swim and cook!

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