Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Months

Emma and Carter are now 10 months old, which means only 2 months until they are one! Time really needs to slow down, big time! As sad as I am about how fast they are growing up, I just love this age! They are learning new things every day and are so fun to be around. Trying to get their picture together proved to be pretty impossible.
 I bribed them with a spoon and a book, but could not get them to look at the camera, at least they were sitting still!
 After 2 pictures, Carter was done and tried to escape! Cole saved him from falling over!
 Emma and Carter are both wearing 9 month clothes, a few 9-12 months, but mostly just 9 months. They are still in size 3 diapers, but I think we'll be moving up to size 4 soon. Emma has 2 bottom teeth and Carter has 7! They are both sleeping in the same room together and are sleeping through the night! They love table food and usually eat whatever we are eating. They both will push toys around the house, Emma will let go and try to take steps, but Carter is content holding on. Emma is such a Daddy's girl, but Carter is a Mama's boy! Both babies will say Mama and Dada. Emma will attempt to say Lily, Up, and Grace, if prompted.
Carter is such a ticklish baby, but Emma isn't ticklish at all. Carter is cool with playing by himself, while Emma and Grace are almost always playing together. Emma and Grace play, well, like sisters. They laugh a lot and they piss each other off a lot!

In only 2 short months I'll have two 1 year olds, yikes!