Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zoo Again

This past Saturday, we decided to use our zoo pass and take the kids to Capron Park Zoo again. We only managed to get in a quick visit, but after an hour the sky just opened up and it poured out! But until the rain started we had lots of fun!

I dressed the kids in animal themed clothes, because I'm dorky like that, and decided to try to get a group shot before heading to the zoo! Why I even try is beyond me! 
 Bahaha I love the look Emma is giving Carter!
 Grace checking out the turtles and kangaroos.
 2 cute little meerkats!
 and bats
 I think Carter was just stretching, but it sure looks like he's sick of listening to Emma blab on and on!
 The zoo signs always make me laugh!
 On Sunday we took a quick trip to Castle Island, where we got rained on again! I didn't take many pictures there, just a few of the little diva before we left!