Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

Saturday morning after Grace's last swim lesson, we got the kids dressed.
Then since we were in Boston picking up a check from one of Cole's clients we decided to head to Hampton Beach for a few hours.
 Once we got there we decided to grab lunch before walking along the board walk.
 After lunch we hit the board walk, where Grace insisted she needed her sunglasses!
 We stopped at one shop where Grace insisted she wanted a temporary tattoo. Stupid thing is still on her arm!
 Then we let Grace go play at the arcade.
 The babies just took in all the noise and lights.
 After the arcade we walked along the beach for a little bit.
 While Emma slept, Grace played at the playground.
 Carter just lounged while Emma slept and Grace played.
 After the playground we went home and all 3 kids slept well that night!