Thursday, April 8, 2010

Outside Fun

The past few days have been really nice out here, so Grace, Jackson, and Jacob have been spending a lot of time playing outside.

Cole is trying to condition a hockey player. (As a side note Cole is responsible for this mismatched outfit.)
Grace doesn't like to use the door on the car, she insists on getting in Nascar style.
Grace takes time out of playing to give everyone hugs, she's such a loving girl.
Grace giving Jacob a hug.
Grace then decided that the car was built to hold 2 babies.
"Um..can you get your daughter off my lap?"
The funny part is that neither of them really cared, they both just sat there.
Grace finally got off and decided to try to push Jacob.

Yesterday was HOT! I mean, I was cranky and sweaty it was so hot. This is going to be one very long, hot summer for me! We decided to let Grace play with her new water table to cool off.

Grace likes to dump the water on herself, silly girl!
Grace just hanging out, taking a break from playing.

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