Tuesday, April 6, 2010

10 Weeks

This picture was technically 9 weeks 6 days.

Pregnancy: 10 weeks 1 day...yay for double digits!

Weight Gain: still down, but trying very hard to gain weight for these babies.

Sleep: Same deal... I usually get a good 4 hour stretch, then after that I'm up every other hour to pee or get sick. I toss and turn A LOT! My back has been hurting me, which has made getting comfortable in bed difficult. I've been trying to nap whenever possible.

Gender: I'm still leaing towards either 2 girls or a boy and girl and Cole's still leaning towards 2 boys or a boy and a girl. I've now had 2 dreams it was a boy and a girl and 1 dream it was two girls...so who knows!

Name: Girl #1: Emily Katherine (we'll call her Emma) Girl #2: Abigail Leigh (we'll call her Abby) Boy #1: Coleman Carter (we'll call him Carter) Boy #2: Jamison Patrick, he'll just go by Jamison.

Feeling: Morning sickness is not my friend, but I'm hanging in there. All the books say that morning sickness is a good sign, so I guess that's good!

Health: Everybody is good!

Movement: Still none, but I keep getting phantom movements, like I did after Grace was born. I assume they are phantom because it's still early.

Belly: Still so bloated. I look forward to getting a real baby belly.

Next Appointment: We have an ultrasound next Thursday and a Dr.'s appointment in 2 weeks.

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