Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

June has been a busy month! We've had at least 1-2 events a weekend. It's been really nice getting to see our families so much. I figured I'd share some pictures from the past few weeks.

Cole's brother, Andy, graduated High School
Cole's cousin, Sean, baptized his daughter, Adrianna
We took Gracie to the park to feed the birds
She enjoyed running after the birds.
We took Grace to her 1st Carnival
Grace rode the caroseul without crying!
Grace played a Duck Game
Grace was very excited about the goats at the carnival.

Andy's Graduation party was this past weekend. It was HOT, so Nana bought and filled up some pools for Grace.
Grace loved the pools!
Grace and Adrianna took naps at the same time!
Sleepy Grace hung out with Auntie Cassie at Andy's party.
We also finally got Grace some swimmies this weekend. She wore the swimmies without complaint but wanted nothing to do with Grandma and Papa's big pool. It could have something to do with not napping in 2 days!

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