Monday, February 27, 2012

The Aquarium

I'm so behind on updating the blog, what can I say things have been busy, and then we all got hit with the nasty stomach bug! Last Sunday we decided to get the Aquarium passes from the library. After we got dressed we let the kids play outside in our new play house that we scored super cheap from Craigslist.
We finally were able to drag the kids away with the promise of seeing some fish! We figured the aquarium would be crazy over the week because it was school vacation. We thought going before vacation officially started would be a good idea, boy we were surprised when we got there and the line to get in was down the street! Unfortunately once you promise a 3 year old something you can't go back on it, so we got in line.

Carter thankfully passed out after maybe 30 minutes in line, and stayed sleeping through most of the aquarium.
We ended up waiting in line for 1.5 hours, it was a little cold, but the aquarium was handing out free cookies and hot chocolate which kept the girls happy. Emma kept wanting to hold Cole's hand, which was just so incredible cute!
 We finally got through the line and were able to see the animals. The aquarium was so crowded  you could barely move. The kids seem to enjoy it though, so I can't complain to much.
 Carter did sleep through more then half of the aquarium. 
 Emma loved the penguins! She kept yelling and pointing at them. 
 Carter woke up in time to see a few fishes. 
Overall, I think we waited in line longer, then we actually were in the aquarium, but the kids had a good time, so that's all that matters.


Kass said...

OMG!! That is the house that I have been eying for the kids. Yes I've been looking on Craigs List as well. I found a few sellers, but not at a price I really wanted to pay. Do you have to be a member of the library to buy passes?

Kristen said...

The kids LOVE the house! I think you do have to be a member to get the passes, but I think most town's libraries have passes!