Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day today. I woke up at 4am to head to the gym. When I woke up I found the stairs  and the hallway had note cards on the ground. Each note card had a reason why Cole loves me. The note cards led to my present in the kitchen, which was a new Pandora bead for my bracelet.

After the gym I returned home to find this:
 Grace asleep on the living room floor. The best part was the babies were awake and running around her yelling, yet Grace was still asleep. 
The kids all had a yummy breakfast of french toast from Trader Joe's, yum!
 We got the kids all dressed before we gave them their presents. 
I found this cute hair idea on Pinterest, Grace loved it so much!
 The kids then all opened their presents. 
 We got Grace this Strawberry Shortcake remote control car and she was ecstatic! All day long she kept thanking us, it was great!
 After presents we all piled in the car to bring Grace to Preschool. 
 After we dropped off Grace, Cole and I enjoyed some coffee at Starbucks, while the babies drank some milk, and ate a whoppie pie! Carter ate his in 3 big bites!
Emma picked at hers, but didn't want to get messy, so we saved it for Miss Grace. 
 After Target I came home and napped! It was amazing! While I napped Cole picked up Grace at school. After school we went to eat at Bertucci's. I had the baked cod, which was so yummy and healthy. After we ate, we let the kids play at the mall. After they ran around for a while, we let the kids all get an ice cream. It was the babies first ice cream cone. Carter devoured his. He actually finished his ice cream before Grace and Cole finished there's!
 Emma did not want to get messy with her ice cream. First she wouldn't hold then. 
 After she decided she did want to hold it, she was eating it by dipping 1 finger in it and then licking it. We finally gave her a spoon to try to eat it. We ended up just throwing almost all of Emma's away.
After ice cream we rushed home to get all the kids baths before putting them to bed. The kids are all happily sleeping! It really was such a great Valentine's Day!