Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

I only lost 1.3 pounds this week, which is better then nothing. My loss this week now brings my total up to 91 pounds which makes me very happy! I'm only 4 pounds away from another goal reward. I give myself rewards for every 15 pounds lost. I've decided when I hit 95 pounds lost I'll reward myself with new sneakers and when I hit 110 pounds I'm going to reward myself with a massage. I'm so happy to be only 9 pounds away from 100 pound weight loss, that just feels like a huge milestone to get to. I'm really hoping to hit the 100 pounds by the end of the month. Fingers crossed!!

1 comment:

Kass said...

woo hoo!! keep it up. I've been nervous to step on the scale so I haven't, but my pants feel a little better so I will take that.