Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On Saturday we went with the Brennans' to Patriot Place's outdoor skating rink so that Jack could do the learn to skate. Jackson wasn't a fan of the teachers so Josh and Cole skated around with him, while Gracie, Jacob, Auntie and I watched. Of course I ton a million pictures.

Jackson ready to skate.

Grace not looking so happy to be spending more time at a rink.

Jacob not looking so happy either.

Babies chatting it up.

Jackson with a teacher.

Jack with Cole.

Grace still not impressed.

Jacob wanted to skate too!

Josh, Jack, and Cole. (You can see part of the football stadium in the back.)

After the boys skated we all headed over to Red Robin for some lunch.

The Brennans!

After lunch we headed over to Old Navy to check out their 50% off clearance. I scored big time on winter clothes for Grace for next year...yay! We had a great day!

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