Thursday, January 14, 2010

16 Months

- You are full of energy and you're constantly on the move. You never sit still for longer then 5 minutes.

-You like to pretend to sneeze and blow your nose.
-You love playing in your kitchen and you're really good at pretend eating! You pretend to drink tea and then say "num num."

-You are doing a good job eatting off a plate and try very hard to use your fork or spoon. Although you still use your fingers when you get frustrated. You're to busy to sit and eat so you usually end up eating most of your dinner while running around.

-You will eat anything we put in front of you. You don't really like broccoli but will try it every time I put it in  front of you.

-You like to sing and dance...your such a girl!

-You love your dolls and are constantly carrying them and feeding them. You always share your food and drinks with them. You will make such a good Mommy and big sister someday.

-You like to play dress-up and are always trying to put any hats and shoes on you find around the house.

-You're doing a great job on the potty. You get very excited when you see the potty and you love to sit and play on it. You've now peed 14 times and pooped 2 times on the potty.

-You are a monkey and will try to climb on everything!

-You're pretty laid back and usually handle "nos" well.

-You are still so in love with Lily, but I often have to seperate you to because sometimes you have a hard time being nice to Lily.

-Words: Mama, Dada,Lily, Papa, Nana, Dirty, Diapier, Pepper, Purple, Three, Up,Sit, this, that, Jacob, Jack, yes, bum bum, cracker, done, pretty, tree, baby, Gracie's, please and no. You still say milk as "mmmmm." I've been trying to get you to make a "k" sound, put you think i'm clicking my tongue when I do it, so that's what you do.

-Signs:You sign mine, milk, baby,bed, brush your teeth, water, and touchdown.

-You can climb the stairs super fast.

-You like to stack blocks and then knock them down.

-You've really been into your shape sorter lately. If I point to which hole they go in, you'll put them in the right hole.

-Animal sounds you know: cow, dog, cat, elephant, horse, zebra, pig, bunny, monkey,fish, duck, (sheep and bee sometimes), and you think that reindeers say "nay" (I don't know what they do say, so I just go with it.)

-You've been sleeping with Daddy instead of me and no longer nurse at night...yeah!

-Body parts you can point to when asked: head, hair, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly button, boobies, bum bum, toes, and tongue.

-You still love books and have started pretending to read them. You say over and over 'ya ya ya" while turning pages.

-You love to sit and will make anything into a chair.

-You now have 9 teeth.

-You blow kisses, sometimes to strangers!

-You've suddenly sprouted up and have long legs! You certainly didn't get those from me.

-Your hair is finally starting to come in and I can manage to put it in little tiny pigtails.
We love you!

Monthly pictures are here to compare!

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