Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Say...

"Grace don't put your fingers in your nose."

"Don't put your peas in your nose. Peas are for eating, not for putting in your nose. If you keep putting the peas in your nose I'll have to take them away"

While on the potty..."Please be nice to your vagina." Grace then proceeds to pat it like a kitty saying "niiice" then she tries to bend over and kiss it. "Grace, we don't kiss our vaginas that's yucky."

"Please leave Lily's bum alone."

"Please get your hand out of Jacob's pants. Those are Jacob's pants please leave them on."

"Please get your hand out of my pants, that's Mama's bum."

"Please, don't lick Lily, that's yucky"

"Can you use your hands when you eat, you're not a puppy dog."

"Please don't put your dinner in your belly button."

She certainly is one silly toddler!

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Melissa said...

lmao. so cute =). will be updating my blog. pretty much looks like i am out this month.