Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Nada

Still no ovulation.

Still waiting.

Today is day 17 in my cycle. It's not looking so good for us this month.

In other news, since I've started eating healthier I've been buying peppers to snack on. When I buy them I get the bag with one red, one orange, and one yellow pepper in it. I probably have bought 3-4 bags by now. I kid you not, but in every bag there has been a pregnant pepper, you know a pepper that has another little baby pepper inside, like so:

I feel like somebody must be testing me. I  mean, come on..even my peppers can get pregnant! Well the bag I bought last week had 2, yes 2 out of the 3, pregnant peppers! I bought another bag today to cut up for the week and again 2 pregnant peppers!

If only I could be as fertile as a pepper!

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