Friday, July 2, 2010

22 Weeks

How Far Along? 22 Weeks

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I'm slowly running out of shirts that fit.

Weight Gain? I gained 6 pounds at my last appointment, so that makes a total of 14 pounds thus far.

Stretch Marks? Yes sir!

Sleep? I sleep for 2 hours, then waking up every hour after that to pee. I'm getting pretty use to this schedule.
Best Moment of the Week? Getting to see the babies yesterday. Just knowing that they are growing and doing well in there is so reassuring.

Genders? A boy and a girl!

Belly Button In or Out? In but getting shallow.

Cravings? I was really craving a cupcake the other day, but I just think that is because I was watching Cupcake Wars on tv.

What I Miss? Having lots of energy. I don't know where the 2nd trimester energy boost is, because I certainly have not had it yet.

What I Love? Feeling my babies move more and more every day.

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week? Just enjoying some time with the family. Cole has the whole weekend off, which is pretty rare. I hoping we can get some pool time in!

Milestones? Making it this far! 2 more weeks until viability! I've set little milestones for myself, which helps make getting to full term not sound so far. My 1st goal is 24 weeks, then 30 weeks, then 34 weeks, then 36, then finally 38!

Feeling the Babies Move? Yup and I love it!

Other Thoughts? I'm just so happy and thankful to have made it this far.

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