Monday, July 19, 2010

Braxton Hicks

The past few weeks I've been having braxton hick contractions off and on, which is normal. But last night was by far the worst they've been. They actually were pretty painful, luckily after an hour they stopped. I just think that spending 3 days in a row at the pool, in the sun was to much for me. I think I was probably just really dehyrated, which can bring on contractions. I had been feeling pretty yucky all day yesterday, so wasn't really surprised when the dehydration brought on some contractions. It's not the pain I worry about, it's more that I worry that the braxton hicks will turn into really contractions, and we do NOT want these babies to come anytime soon. I'll admit I was starting to get really nervous last night once they were getting timeable, but thankful it turned out to be nothing.

Fortunately I happened to have a Dr's appointment scheduled for today. Everything looks good. I gained a few pounds, my bp was 122/72, urine was fine, and we heard both babies heartbeats. I will now start going every 2 weeks to the OB. Next time I go I will have the dreaded glucose test....hopefully I'll pass and have no problems.

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