Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dr.'s Appointment #2

Today we went to the Peri for an ultrasound. Both babies look good! Emma is on the right side of my belly head down and Carter is now on the left side head up. So they basically are just kicking each other in the head. Both babies heart rates where in the 150's. My cervix looks good and so far there is no tunneling or shortening. A baby at 21 weeks should weigh @ 12-13 oz...Emma was 15 oz today and Carter was 1 lb 4 oz! I guess Carter is pulling to be the bigger twin right now. We're so happy that everyone and everything looks good! Neither twin would cooperate to have their picture taken, they were both hiding their faces. The ultrasound tech tried numerous times with no luck.

I dropped off my 24 hour urine and had my bloodwork done, while there. As long as we don't hear back from the Dr. then that means everything is good. I go back to the OB in 3 weeks and the Peri in 4 weeks!

Yay for big babies so far! Keep up the good work guys!

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