Monday, November 22, 2010

Edaville Railroad

Yesterday Cole,me, Grace, Emma, Carter, Cole's Mom, Cole's sister, and Cole's brother all decided to head to Edaville Railroad. I use to go to Edaville when I was younger, but I barely remember it and probably haven't been since I was 6 or 7. We weren't really sure how many of the rides Grace would be able to do or if she would like doing the rides, but we knew she'd at least like taking the train ride to look at all the lights. Well, Grace had a blast! She went on a bunch of rides and ever did some by herself! Everyone else seemed to have a good time as well, Cole and his siblings even did a few rides by themselves!

It was very cold out, so we had to bundle all the kids very well!

Carter excited to go! "We're going where?"
"Oh, that sounds fun!"
I love that it looks like she's kissing the elephant here.
"What are you doing? "
Grace all bundled
Grace very excited walking in.
Grace posing with the snowman.

Grace and Auntie Cassie.
The babies all bundled.
Cole and Grace on the flying elephants, Gracie's 1st ride!

Skiing with the Gingerbread man.
Cole's family
Grace on the train ride all by herself!
On the caterpillar with Auntie Cassie.
On the flying turtle.
Grace and Auntie Cassie
Cole, Grace, and I
Cole, Cassie, and Andy on the tilt-a-whirl
Cole and Grace and a very tall Santa.
After we did all the rides it was then getting dark so we took the 20 minute train ride to see all the lights. Grace seemed to enjoy it, but was pretty restless by the end of it.
Grace and Cassie on the train.
Grace looking at the lights.
Lights from the train
We all had such a fun time, unfortunately this maybe the last year that Edaville is open. We're really hoping they stay open and we can go again next year!

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Pearl Maple said...

Edaville is a special place to visit, had many fun times there with the pretty lights they do keep children entertained for hours