Thursday, November 18, 2010

Expecting A Visitor

We are currently awaiting the arrival of a very special elf! Cole's sister was awesome enough to get us an Elf on the Shelf. For those not familiar with the tale the Elf on The Shelf-  he is sent by Santa (with a story book) to watch over little girls and boys during the days leading up to Christmas. Each night he flies home to the north pole to report back on how good (or bad) their child has been. In the morning, this silly Elf hides himself in various places around the house for the children to find him in the morning.

We took the book out and read it to Grace to prepare her for the elf's arrival. She is very excited about this elf and has already decided to name it Jack, just like her big cousin! I will let you all know when and how Jack arrives!

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