Monday, November 22, 2010


I wrote this blog the other day, today was our Dr.'s appointment, so I thought I'd update ya'll. I ran to my OB while Cole took the babies next door to the Pedi's office. As far as my incision goes, it's still open and really red. My OB thinks it looks like it is starting to heal on it's own, so she's leaving it alone for now. She did give me another prescription for 2 antibiotics, both are topical this time, so we'll see if those work any better. This will be my 4th round of antibiotics since I had the babies!

As far as the babies go, we got really rushed out of the Pedi's office, I don't think she was having a good day and it showed. The doctor we had today was shocked how low the babies Zantac dose was and actually increased it by 3 times what they were getting, no wonder why it wasn't working. She also suggested trying soy formula with the babies to see if that helps the other problems. She just blew off the getting the tongue tie snipped, but I must admit that Carter is doing much better with the Dr. Brown bottles now. The doctor also gave us some diaper cream for Carter because he's got an awful diaper rash. I'm really hoping the increase in Zantac and the change in formula will be the answer. I gave both babies the new dose of Zantac at 530 pm after their bottles and they have both been sleeping since and it's almost 9pm now! Woohoo!

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