Monday, November 8, 2010

Binkies, Poops, & A Giveaway

Don't worry I'm not giving either away! The Miracle Blanket Contest ends tonight at midnight, be sure to enter!

In other news Grace has now gone 4 whole days without a binkie! Surprising, she's handling it quite well, she will ask for it every now and then, but she's fine when we tell her we don't know where it is. I owe this binkieless state all to Cole. I didn't even realize he had weaned her until he was 2 days deep into the weaning. Yay, go Cole!

As far as the twins go, they have these crazy twin thing going on. You know, where they do the same thing at the same time. They often will sleep in the same position, they eat at the same time, and sleep at the same time, but now they are on the same poop schedule! Yesterday I went to change Carter and he had had a huge poop explosion and it was all over him and the bouncy seat. So I stripped him down, bathed him, and got him dressed. I then picked Emma up out of her bouncy seat and the same thing had happened, she had a huge poop explosion and it was all over her and the bouncy seat. So I stripped her down, bathed her, and got her dressed....oy vey! Two poop explosions and only one Mommy, makes for a HUGE mess!

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