Monday, March 19, 2012

Children's Museum

Last Monday, since Cole had the day off, we decided to get some passes to the Children's Museum from our library. It ended up being a beautiful day, it was such a nice day to walk around Boston.
We hit the bubble room first and it was a huge hit with all the kids!
Grace loved pulling herself up.
 Grace was being the teacher.
 The kids all loved seeing themselves on tv. 
 Carter happened to be wearing a green shirt, so he just looked like a floating head. 
 Carter loves opening and closing doors, and loved finding them in all the rooms. 
 The water area was a HUGE hit! We had to drag the babies away kicking and screaming after spending over 30 minutes playing in that room. Both the babies kept ripping off the smocks, so they were soaked afterwards.
 Basketball time!
 The girls loved pretending to shop, Carter wanted no part of it though. 
 After we finished all the rooms, we told Grace she could try to climb up the huge maze if she wanted. I totally thought she'd chicken out after a few, but she climbed all the way up and down by herself happily. 
I guess my little girl is braver than I thought!