Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Time

Like I said, I'm so behind on blogging! Cole's birthday was on the 8th, so we celebrated! Cole's mom made him a cake filled with ice cream and a nice dinner the weekend before.
 Grace really wanted to take her own pictures of Cole blowing out the candles!
 The birthday boy on his almost birthday!
 Emma was very excited for cake!
 Grace taking her pictures
 The kids all had cake and enjoyed it! I was a good girl and opted out. 
 On Cole's actual birthday, he took the day off of work. Grace had school, so after we picked her up from school we went to the Ale House, so Cole could get his free birthday dinner.
 The babies being super nosy!
 It was such a nice day out that after dinner we took the kids to Peaceful Meadows to see the cows and get some ice cream. I again, was a good girl and opted out of ice cream. The kids all loved their ice cream!
 Grace wanted to be like Daddy and chose coffee ice cream, just like him. Although Cole chose to have his in shake form. 
 It was so windy out!
 The babies like to be independent and refuse to let you help them eat, it definitely was a bathie night!
 Grace likes to get her ice cream in a cup and then a little at a time put it in a cone. 
 After the kids finished their ice cream we went to say hi to the cows. 
The Friday after Cole's birthday we had the Brennans' over to celebrate again. I made the best kind of cupcakes, funfetti cake in ice cream cones, with rainbow chip frosting. I did give in a little and I had 1/2 a cupcake, it was so worth it!