Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

We started celebrating St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, since it was green day at school for Grace. I made a sad attempt to make a shamrock in Grace's hair. 
 Before Grace left for school I tried to get a nice picture of her. First I got the over cheese smile. 
 Then I got some sass. 
 Then even more sass. 
 Then she decided to do her yoga tree pose. 
 And then in try girl fashion she just wanted to spin around in her tutu. 
 When Grace and I got home from school we found out that Daddy had left us each some flowers for St. Patrick's Day. 
 Friday night before bed we all left our shoes out for the leprechaun to fill with gold. 
 The "leprechaun" also left the kids some silly straws, green milk, and...
 some rainbow rice krispie treats!.
 Grace was very excited Saturday morning to see the leprechaun had come!
 I was a good girl and did not eat my gold coins, but gave them to the kids instead. I hit the gym early and then came home to get Grace ready for dance. Since it was St. Patrick's Day, she rocked her green tutu to dance. 
 While Cole took Grace to dance, I tried to get a few pictures of the twins, they just weren't into it!
 After dance Grace came home and changed and then we took the kids to Patriot's Place, for their St. Patrick's Day festivities. 
 We got there right around lunch time, so we went right to Red Robin for some food. I love that there you can get all their chicken and burgers on lettuce instead of buns, it makes for a lot of lower calorie options for me. 
 We got there a little before they opened, so we had time to kill outside. 
 Grace was really proud of the blue cheese burger she colored.
 Grace was very happy to get a green balloon as we left Red Robin. 
 We then walked down to listen to some of the Irish bands perform. 
 Grace through the balloon. 
 Grace had a great time dancing. 
Emma enjoyed clapping. 
Carter, just kept looking at me, like "really Mom, can we go now!?"
After the music, we went to get in line for face painting, because Grace REALLY wanted her face painted. After waiting in line for almost an hour and barely moving, we tried to bribe her with either a toy or ice cream instead. She sobbed and said she just wanted a shamrock on her face. And I mean she sobbed, not a tantrum, not screaming, just sobbing like we broke her heart. Cole and I decided to just let her stay in line then, she was so excited. We ended up standing in line for over 2 hours! Yikes!
Kisses for the babies while wait in line. 
Finally getting her face painted. 
One VERY happy 3 year old!
After we got her face painted we got in the car to head home. All the kids fell asleep, Grace ended up smudging her face paint all over herself while she slept. Oh well, at least she wasn't heartbroken!