Friday, March 23, 2012


OMG! I'm so in love. I finally got my first Birchbox this weekend. I had been on the waitlist for a while now, when I got an email last month that I could finally get in if I wanted. For only $10 a month I hopped right on it. I never, and I mean NEVER splurge on beauty supplies, so I figured if I spent only $10 a month and got to sample a bunch of high end beauty products, then I couldn't go wrong.

When I saw the pink box in my mailbox on Saturday I literally squealed out load! I tore open the box and found this beautiful box inside. 
The packaging was so pretty I almost didn't want to open it, but I just had to!
All of this came in my box this month!
In the box was:
2 Deborah Lippman Stripper To Go nail polish remover pads. I haven't used them yet, but I painted my nails the other night, just so I can use them in a couple of days.
2 Kusmi Detox Tea I had a cup the other night, and it was so refreshing! The tea comes in a little muslin bag. It was a nice to indulge, but I can't ever see myself spending $22 on tea, any time soon.
One Love Organic Skin Savior Balm they gave me quite the decent size jar of this stuff. I really like it. I've used it on my face for the past 4-5 days and it is great. It has kept my skin moist, without causing me to break out, which is always a hard balance for me to find.
Miss Jessie's Quick Curl they gave me a huge tube of this stuff. I have not used it yet, but I plan to tomorrow!
Peter Thomas Anti-aging cleansing gel I really love this stuff! It makes my face feel clean, without drying it out!
Stila Smoky Eye sample, I haven't used these yet, but tonight Cole and I are going on a date to see the HUNGER GAMES!! (and I can't wait) So maybe I'll give it a try then.

I am very happy and satisfied with my Birchbox this month and can't wait for next months!