Monday, December 14, 2009

15 months

I can hardly believe that you're 15 months old Gracie. Everyday you manage to learn or do something new.

Things you do:

-You can basically run now and love chasing Jackson!
-You love  putting things in and out of other things. You like to empty and refill the ball bin a million times a day.
-You love to throw everything as fast as you can.
-You are doing a good job eatting off a plate and can almost go a whole meal with it.
-You now sit at the table with your booster seat and do a great job!
-You will eat anything we put in front of you.
-You love to spin like a ballerina.
-You love girly things: bracelets, pocketbooks, shoes, etc.
-You try to put socks and shoes on yourself, but can't quite do it.
-You love helping do things. You love being able to take out and put your milk away with little help from me.
-You know how to climb on the chair, and I tell you all day long to either "sit" or "get down."
-You are a monkey and will try to climb on everything!
-You certainly mastered the tantrums!
-You are still so in love with Lily, but I often have to seperate you to because sometimes you have a hard time being nice to Lily.
-Words: Mama, Dada,Lily, Papa, Up,Sit, this, that, Jacob (although it sounds like JJ), Jack, yes, bum bum,  cracker, done, and no. You are working really hard on please and it comes out as 'leasssssssss" but you are using at the right times (mostly when you want what I'm eatting.) You are trying to say milk although it comes out as "mmmmm" I've been trying to get you to make a "k" sound, put you think i'm clicking my tongue when I do it, so that's what you do.
-Signs:You sign mine, milk, baby, and touchdown.
-You can climb the stairs super fast and you like to try to beat Lily to the top (she usually wins).
-Animal sounds you know: cow, dog, cat, elephant, horse, zebra, pig, bunny, monkey,fish, duck, (sheep and bee sometimes), and you think that reindeers say "nay" (I don't know what they do say, so I just go with it.)
-You know that Santa says "ho, ho, ho" and you know that a snowman says "brrr."
-You still love your babies and you like to share your milk and food with them.
-You love to stick your tongue out.
-Sometimes you wil give eskimoo kisses.
-You still nurse a few times a day, but you've become a better sleepier and have no problem sleeping in bed with me.
-Body parts you can point to when asked: head, hair, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly button, boobies, bum bum, toes, and tongue.
-You still love books and have started pretending to read them. You say over and over 'ya ya ya" while turning pages.
-You will now sit on our laps without asking, you get come over and do it when you want to.
-You have been very cooperative with diaper changes and will even get me out a diaper when asked and you hold your legs up.
-You blow kisses, sometimes to strangers!

We love you!

Monthly pictures are here to compare!

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