Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Take 2

We had Cole's immediate family over to celebrate Christmas with them. We had such a great time!
Grace playing with her new toys before company arrived.

Yes, my livingroom looks like a daycare.

Grace sitting in her doll bin.

Opening her present from Nana and Papa C. (It's a wagon!)

Opening her present from Auntie Cassie.

Table and chairs!

Snuggling  with Daddy in her new blanket from Uncle Andy.

Sitting on our new grill! Yay!

Grace and Auntie Cassie.

Dinner Table.

Family around the table.

Trying to wink like Auntie Cassie.

Sitting with Uncle Andy.

In her new wagon!

She loved her wagon so much  that she fell asleep in it.

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