Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis The Season

for lots of baking!

Here's what I've baked the past few days:
Saltine Toffee Candy

Chocolate covered oreos. I bought the molds at AC Moore. They were a pain, but are very yummy!

Chocolate covered Pringles. Yup, I said Pringles! Such a good combo of sweet, salty, and crunchy!

White Chocolate covered Ritz peanutbutter sandwiches...surprisingly so yummy!

The Chocolate covered pretzels being prepped!

Turtles, same as above except with rolos!

My make shift double boiler!

I needed extra room for the ingredients, so I dug out my ironing board!

Peppermint easy melt white chocolate, add crushed candy canes, pour on sheet pan, let harden, and break into pieces!

Buckeyes, but I covered them completely with chocolate, because I thought they looked creepy the other way.

Buckeyes in their pretty boxes.

Amongst all the baking I forgot to photograph some of the food
Spiced Pecans
Reindeer Chow
Reindeer Cookie Bark (I used crushed oreos, pretzels, & M&M's in mine....this turned out so good!)
Seven Layer Cookies

All the food out for the assembling of the basket!

One Basket done! I used our homemade ornaments as the gift tags.

Other food I'm baking;

I'm making this cake for Christmas Eve (I'm using the holiday M&Ms.) I added the food coloring to make them more festive!

I also have a chocolatte cake baking to use in a triffle for Christmas day.
I plan on making Monkey Bread for Christmas morning, pigs in blankets and buffalo chicken dip for Christmas appetizers, and I bought a dairy free pie for Grace!

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