Saturday, December 26, 2009


We woke Grace up super early Christmas morning and she was not happy.

Once Cole showed her that Santa had came, she was much better.


Once she got the hang of it, she just ripped through the presents.

Gracie wanted to give Lily one of the cookies Santa brought for her.

Lily tried to take it even through she already had a toy in her mouth.

Grace loved her kitchen and began playing with it before we finished unwrapping it.

Chef Gracie (Grace kept her apron and hat on the rest of the time we opened presents.)


Since the gate was opened, Grace took every opportunity to grab the ornaments in between presents.

Grace got a baby and loved her!

Then she put her in the oven!

Dr. Grace

Grace all dressed up to go to the Brennans'.

Grace:"Kitty" Jogger:"Don't even think about it!"


Grace and Cole's cousin Siobhan.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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