Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Recipes

I had mentioned a while back that I had been trying to make an effort to try new recipes for dinner. Here are a few more I've tried.

I made the falafel with never have had falafels, but they were so good! They were spicy and crunchy. Cole sayed they tasted like crunchy hummus (that's a good thing.) They were very easy to make as well!

I failed miserably at the gnocchi. I don't know if it was the fake butter I used or what, but my dough was so sticky. It didn't matter how much flour I added I just couldn't get the dough to roll out. I ended up trashing the dough after 45 minutes of frustrastion and ordered pizza instead.

I used this recipe to make pulled pork the other day. I didn't really feel like the rootbeer really did much. I'll probably just stick with my usually pulled pork, which is just pork and BBQ sauce in the crockpot, no added steps needed.

Wednesday I made tamale pie. This was so yummy! I certainly will be adding this to our rotation. I think next time I'll probably double the filling though, it just seemed like a lot of cornbread and not enough filling.

Last night I made the best turkey burgers ever! The recipe is here. The burgers had so much flavor and were juicy, and the onion were so sweet. It tasted like french onion soup but in a burger... yum! I paired the burger with these potatoes, which were good as well.

Tonight I'm going to be making this French Dip Sandwich recipe...I'll let you know how it goes!

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