Thursday, February 18, 2010

17 Months

I had a very uncooperative model this month! This is the best shot I could get.
-You are an on-the-go girl. You never stop moving!
-You like to pretend to sneeze , blow your nose, cough, and cry.
-You also like to pretend your babies are crying and when they cry you hug them super tight!
-You've started cleaning if you find a wipe you will either blow your nose, wipe your face, or clean whatever surface is around. Just today you spilled some milk on the floor and without saying anything you got a wipe yourself, cleaned up the spilled milk, and then threw the dirty wipe in the kitchen!
-If I'm cleaning you will copy me and clean too.
-You're still a great eater and will anything put in front of you.
-You now say "please" and "thank you" for everything.
-You can now be trusted to eat off the plate at a restaurant.
-You now have had babysitters! Nana and Auntie Cassie babysat you twice this month and you did great both times. We started going to the gym this month and you stay at the gym daycare while we work out. You no longer cry at drop off as long as we hand you to one of the teachers.
-You like to sing, dance, hum, and snap your fingers to the music.
-You copy everything we do! If we're on the phone, then your on the phone, if we're cleaning, your cleaning, if I'm putting on shoes, your putting on shoes, etc.
-We've really slacked on the potty lately. You've now peed 22 times and pooped 3 times on the potty.
- You're still a climbing machine.
-You've started trying to learn how to walk down the stairs and you're doing a great job so far.
-You're started whining a lot, but if we encourage you to "use your words" you'll usually vocalize what your whining for.
-You now know the sound of Lily getting out of bed and you get so excited to see her every morning!
-Words: Mama, Dada, Lily, Papa, Nana, you've now said Grandma a few times, Dirty, Diapier, Pepper, Purple, Three, Up,Sit, this, that, Jacob, Jack, yes, bum bum, cracker, done, pretty, tree, baby, Gracie's, me, bowl, cinderella ("ella"), thank you, open, nice,princess, ok, please, ketchup, and no. You still say milk as "mmmmm."
-Your a ketchup freak! You will eat it on anything and even plan. If we're out to eat we have to hid it before your meal comes, over wise you'll cry for it, and we'll have to give it to you on your crackers...yuck!
-Signs:You sign mine, milk, baby,bed, brush your teeth, water, and touchdown.
-You now love high-fives and fist bumps.
- You know how to flex your muscles (even though it looks like touch down).
-You now pretend to snore.
-You love to cuddle and will get your milk and climb up into the chair with me to cuddle.
-Animal sounds you know: cow, dog, cat, elephant, horse, zebra, pig, bunny, monkey,fish, duck, (sheep and bee sometimes), shark, and sometimes skunk.
-You've been sleeping with Daddy instead of me and no longer nurse at night...yeah!
-Body parts you can point to when asked: head, hair, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly button, boobies, bum bum, vagina, toes, fingers, and tongue.
- You currently are working on having 12 teeth!
- You give kisses and blow kisses, sometimes you give the best bear hugs.
- You now like to put your toys away when playing with them .

Monthly pictures are here to compare!

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