Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Blogger

I've been such a bad blogger. Between Cole's crazy hockey schedule and all the time at the gym (say what!) we're hardly ever home. In fact, we're 2 weeks behind on all our DVR'd shows. I'm hoping that with all the impending snow we're supposed to get that we can catch up on some tv!

The gym is going great! I've never been so excited in my life to work out. I've gone everyday since we joined, except for one, and done a full 2 hours everytime...go me! I do a cardio workout for roughly an hour and then I hit the pool for 45 minutes for another workout. I'm loving every minute of it and never knew how hard I could really push myself. It feels great to be working out!

As far as the baby making goes, we're waiting to see if I ovulate this month...the story of my life. So we'll just have to wait and see what this month brings.

I'm hoping to have some time today to put up a few blogs. Look forward to some new pictures!

In Grace news, she's working on getting all 4 of her molars...yikes. She is crying at drop off at the gym, but stops as soon as we are out of site. Grace had her first official babysitters Monday. Cole's Mom and sister watched Grace, while Cole and I were at a wake. It was unfortunate circumstances that led to the babysitting, but Grace had a great time!

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