Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Did It

If you remember, one of my goals for 2010 was to live a heathier lifestyle. Well we finally got a family membership at a gym. We decided to go with the Weymouth Club. We love it so far. We took advanage of the free child care last night and dropped Grace off. Now this was the first time we'd ever left her with anyone. We've never even had family babysit. To say we were nervous recks is the under statement of the year.

We left and she was fine, no tears or anything. We must've walked by 10 times in the 1hr 20 minutes she was there. We had scheduled to leave her there for 2 hours, but we just were so anxious to get back to her. Cole and I managed to get in some cardio, swam some laps, and then sat in the hot tub together! We could've relaxed longer but we both just wanted to get back to Grace. I'm sure we'll get used to leaving her over time.

We thought she'd be so excited to see us, but when we walked in she just asked me for her milk cup and went back to playing.We're suppose to bring her back tonight, but she caught a cold from the little boy there yesterday, so I think we'll just take her to swim instead, so that she doesn't pass it along to more kids.

I'm scheduled to go to the gym by myself with Grace on Friday. I'm so nervous about leaving her, but know it's good for her and me!

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