Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day (Part1)

We had planned to do our Valentine's Day celebration on Monday, but decided to let Grace open her presents Sunday, as well as make some Valentine's Day cookies.

Grace opening her card.
Giving the kitty a hug.
Heart stickers.
Sticker on the face.
Her princess hat.
Opening her Valentine's Day bowls.
Lily wondering where her gifts are..oops, guess I forgot someone.
Reading her new book.
Showing Daddy her new bracelets.
Grace put a sticker on Lily.
Kisses from Daddy.
Grace eating her marshmellow lollipop.
Grace sitting with all her presents.
Grace with her new Cinderella cup, which she refers to as "Ella", so cute!
Lily with her sticker.
Grace thought the lolliopop stick was a straw, silly girl.
Grace and I decorate some cookies. Because I'm either the world's best or worst mom, depending on how you look at it, I let Grace eat the frosting out of the decorating bags after we finished.
And our cookies!

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