Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day (Part 2)

On Monday I woke Cole and Grace up early so we could head to the gym. We went to the gym, got in a decent work out and then headed into Boston to go to take Grace to the Children's Musuem as her Valentine's Day celebration.

We thought Grace would sleep from the gym to the musuem, but boy were we wrong. We got to Boston around 11am and the line to the musuem was wrapped around the block. I wasn't even thinking that it was a holiday and school vacation. I may have cried as we circled looking for parking. (I'm a little emotional these days, thanks to the meds...I may have cried that morning at the gym in the middle of the pool work-out and I may have cried the day before when I went to get a pedicure and they were closed.) I pulled myself together and Grace and I decided to wait in line while Cole found parking. I keep Grace's winter gear in our van, but our van was in the shop, so I was not prepared to stand out in the cold. Luckily we had the Brennans' car and I found one of the boys' winter hats, so we borrowed that. Plus we had Grace's carseat blankies to help keep her warm.

The line to the musuem an hour after they opened.
Grace not so happy about the line.
All bundled up!
At least the line moved pretty quickly and we had this view to stare at while we waited.
We only waited outside for maybe 15 minutes. We finally got in and Grace was so excited. Grace playing with the bubbles.
Grace in the shop area.
Helping Daddy file down some wood.
"Hey there's someone on the other line!"
Taking in the view, and looking at the none-stop-line to get in.
Grace as a Red Sox player.
Grace loved running in the hallways between the exhibits.
Grace and some Arthur charaters.
Grace is all about high-fives, so she insisted on high-fiving all the characters.
Playing with the sand.
Grace found a boyfriend there. (And she's such a baby lover, she would carry around the doll she found until she found another.)
"Mom, you scared my boyfriend away!"
Found a new baby.
Trying to get a ride with an older boy, but her boyfriend caught her!
So he joined them! (As a sidenote, Grace would not drive the car, she just wanted to sit in the passengar seat and change the radio station- such a girl!)
Doing some stamping.
Doing some puzzles.
Found another baby, this one had clothes at least.
Grace waiting for tired baby!
After lunch she got her 2nd wind and kept playing. Walking Daddy through the Curious George exhibit.
She loved playing with this elevator.
At the salon.
Construction Grace!
Such a big girl!
Waiting for Cole to come get us. Grace was one tired little girl!
She took a good nap from the musuem to our house. Cole and I took turns running in to get ready for our date, so Grace could sleep. We dropped her off with Nana and Auntie Cassie while Cole and I went on our 1st date since Grace was born! We had a nice time, I ordered the baked scallops, but when my scallops came the sight of them made me nauseous, so Cole ate my dinner and his. It was nice to go out to dinner and not have to constantly picking things up off the ground.  We grabbed some coffee and then went to get Miss Grace, who had a great time with Nana and Auntie Cassie! Aside from all my emotional outburst we had a great Valentine's Day.

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