Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday I took the kids to the New England aquarium, where we met up with a few friends.
Grace enjoyed watching the seals outside. 
 Emma on the other hand just screamed any time we went near them. She hated them so much I had to turn the stroller around, because even seeing them out of the corner of her eye made her cry. 
 Grace asked me to take her picture with the penguin statue. 
 Then yelled at me when I took two pictures, "I only said to take one picture!"
 Watch them feed the seals. 
 Emma screaming because we were back at the seals! Poor Carter was trying so hard to see them, but Emma wanted no part!
 The new ray and shark  touch tank, which I thought was very cool. 
 Grace was to scared to touch them.
 Waving to the peguins
 Grace went up to the top of the tank with the other Moms and kids, but since it's not stroller accessible I stayed behind with the babies. I love how big their eyes would get when a large fish would swim by. 
 Happy girl because there are no seals around!
 Carter just lounging.
 A huge turtle!
On a normal day the aquarium is just to expensive for us to take the family, but we were able to get passes from our local library, so it only cost us $20 to go! I highly recommend checking your library before going!


Kass said...

Thanks for the library tip for tickets. I wouldn't think about going there for passes.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

How fun!!