Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve after the kids woke up from their much needed naps, we got them ready to go to Cole's Mom's house. Before we left I of course had to snap a million pictures.
We took our Christmas eve traditional photo of Miss Grace. I don't know how or why this came about, but it did, so I'm sticking with it!
Grace in her true girly fashion was twirling around in her dress.
kisses from Lily
Carter was a sleepy head and we had to finally wake him, so we wouldn't be late.
Cole and I
I tried to get a picture with all 3 kids, but that was pretty impossible.
Uncle Andy and Carter
While at Nana's house we exchanged presents with one another.
Emma loved all of Grace's presents!
Auntie Cassie got Grace an Easy bake oven, which I'm super excited to use, as is Grace.
Cole's Mom got us a Keurig and I am so over the moon about it!
Grace loved unwrapping presents, in fact she pretty much unwrapped everyone's presents. She didn't care who they were for, or what was in them, but she just loved unwrapping them all!
The babies got 2 new carseats!
Carter was still sleepy, so he just took it all in while his sisters ran around like crazy.
Even though there were two seats, the twins fought over the same one, typical!
After Cole's Mom's house, we headed to his Aunt's house to eat dinner and exchange more gifts.  After dinner I put the kids in matching Christmas pajamas, but of course none of them would let me get a cute picture of them all together.
After Carol's house, we came home and put out Santa's cookies, soy milk, and tea. When I asked Grace whether we should make Santa's tea, or just leave him out a tea bag to make himself, she told me that "I should wake up when Santa comes and make it for him." Nice kid, you want me to wake up to make Santa a fresh cup of tea.
After the kids were all in bed Santa came and left all their presents.
Grace's stocking with some overflow, I think we need to get some bigger stockings next year!
All the presents.