Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Fun

We had a fun packed weekend! On Friday we had Grace's Holiday show, then on Saturday we had our friends Claire and Pete over with their adorable twin girls! After they left we decided to track down some dinner and do a quick BJ's run. When we are in the car at night we have a game we play with Grace and we all yell out when we see Christmas lights. If the house is on your side you say "mine side" if it's on someone else's side you say "your side." Grace loves this! We passed a few houses with lights on the way home, when Grace proclaimed that she wanted to see more lights. Cole and I knew exactly where to take her. There is a place just down the street from us that has lots of lights, is free, and usually has free hot chocolate and popcorn on the weekends. It's called the Festival of Lights.

We decided to let Grace go walk through it once before heading home. She loved it!
 Then on Sunday we drove down to Hyannis to the Cape Codder to attend the M.A. C.O.P.S Christmas party.
Grace ready to go.
 Grace and Cole
 For some reason the kids were hamming it up, so I just snapped away!
 The party was great the kids got a ridiculousness amount of gifts and the food was delicious! Everyone did a great job putting together this party. 
 Emma with her new baby
 Emma stole Carter's policeman bear.
 Jacob was there as well!
 As was Jackson! 
 Grace eating the yummy food! They even had a separate buffet for the kids, such a great idea!
 Emma hanging with Papa.
 The Honor Guard marching Santa in.
 Surprisingly neither baby cried at Santa.
 Emma and Cole
 Before we left Grace wanted to show me the fancy seat she found.
Yay for another fun weekend!