Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Show

Friday night Grace had her Holiday Show at school. To say she was excited was an understatement, the kid was practically bouncing off the walls. In fact, instead of napping, she spent the whole 2 hours in her room singing Christmas songs!

She was so excited to wear her "reindeer dress with jingle bells." I didn't try it on her ahead of time, and just figured that since it was a 4T it should be fine, man, that was one short dress! But once I got it on her, there was no way I was battling her to get it off. I pick my battles in this house and I'm saving all my "Your dress is way to damn short to wear out of this house" for when she's 14. I fear we'll be having lots of those!

 Grace being the nut she is, was playing her jingle bells on her dress.
 The kids had to be there at 6, but the show didn't start until 630, so we dropped G off and went and grabbed seats. It was the babies' bedtime, so they were super grumps, but Jackson was doing a great job entertaining them, while we waited.
 The show was a mixture of the M/W/F older class and Grace's Tu/Th class. 
 Grace sitting among all the boys, uh oh.
 I don't think Grace sang a single word of any of the songs!
 Santa showed up!
 Santa was a little over the top with his "ho hos" which I think scared some of the kids, hell, I know it frightened me!
 Grace happily sat n Santa's lap though.
 After they each got their gift from Santa, they went back to the class room and had desserts. 
 I brought these brownies that have been all over Pinterest, seriously so easy!
After the show we had 3 very tired kids, who cried almost the whole way home, so other then that it was a great night!

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Kass said...

I wish Aiden's school did shows like this. they are a learning center and not called a preschool so essentially its just a daycare, but seeing other moms post about their kids holiday shows does make me jealous that we will have to wait until actual school years for him to do these things unless we switch daycares.