Tuesday, December 27, 2011


On Friday we decided to take the kids to Edaville Railroad in Carver . We had taken the kids early in the season last year and it was crowded, so I was nervous it would be crazy busy that close to Christmas, but it really wasn't!
These two goof balls love sitting in the toy bin, so they occupied themselves while I packed up the car. 
 We brought 2 single strollers for the babies, because we find it easier to navigate crowds that way. Grace kept insisting on pushing a stroller.
 Emma and I fought over her wearing a hat for most of the night.
 Emma and Carter watching Grace and Cole on the rides
 Cole and Grace picking out a drum.
 Having fun!
 Grace flying a plane.
 Gracie was very impressed with the wood carvings.
 Carter, not so much.
 Nor was Emma.
 Grace got some hot chocolate, which was surprisingly the perfect temperature, and she didn't have to wait to drink it!
 I tried to get a quick picture of all 3, this was the best I could do.
 Edaville is just so pretty at night!
 Grace skiing with the gingerbread man.
 Miss Grace
 Grace and Cole
 Emma hat was a little to big, which may have been why she wouldn't keep it on!
 Cole and Grace on the flying elephants.
 Two goofy babies!
 Emma just taking it all in.
 Grace and I on the carousel
 Poor Carter was so sleepy, he barely made a peep.
 Emma's gloves may have been a little to big, as well!
 Cole and Grace on the caterpillar.
 After we did all the rides, we boarded the train, and we were able to just walk right on! Grace loved it!
 A quick family picture
 sleepy Carter
 and at 6pm Carter was out!
 After the train ride, we let Grace ride the carousel one last time, poor Carter fell asleep again, this time on a horse.
The kids all had a blast! Cole and I have discussed going back next year, but all 3 kids will cost to get in, so as much as we like it I just don't know if we can justify $90 just to get in. I'm hoping we'll be able to find a good coupon some where and take them all next year.